An English Hussainiah

The Hussainiah of Adelaide will provide teachings in English and host regular Islamic Lectures to be delivered by renowned top universal Shiá lecturers and professors for those who are more comfortable in receiving teachings in English.

A Place of Unity

This project aims to become a place of unity, harmony, interfaith and understanding where peace is preached from the pulpits. It will be the voice of cooperation and restoration of peace.

Ideal Objectives

Among the main aims of this establishment is to conduct conferences and meetings where government officials shall be invited to attend and participate in. The Hussainiah of Adelaide shall represent Shiá Muslims in South Australia and will establish a strong bridge between the Muslim community, and the greater Australian public and diverse groups.

Project Details:

The community is in need of an English Hussainiah so that Islamic rituals can be practiced without the fear of any negativity or opposing ideologies. It would also create the opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to interact positively with one another.

Due to this demand, the Islamic Association of South Australia will endeavour to purchase an existing property and renovate it to a Hussainiah which would include halls for Islamic lessons and conference meeting rooms for the community.

Our goal is to serve our community and youth whose talent has no limits. We aim to optimize human potential, increase spirituality, happiness and maximize the engagement of people by providing superior solutions for understanding, acquiring and developing faith.

We plan to provide the best Islamic atmosphere with the greatest services possible. Since the start of The Islamic Association of South Australia and the establishment of all of its organizations, we have always served the community for the sake of Allah and sought no monetary favours in return.

The Hussainiah of Adelaide will be established to serve the community and to connect people, places and ideas through meetings and regular events. This establishment’s objective is to heighten the standard of excellence we have set in our Muslim community.

ABN: 75 684 734 009



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